Snuck a quick DL in during my one day home between ministry trips, giving a report on my trip to Australia and playing sections of both debates which took place last week. While playing a section of the Perkins debate I took the time to look up the reference Perkins provided on the web earlier today where he alleged I misrepresented Moulton-Milligan, and took the opportunity of demonstrating yet once again that Roger Perkins has no earthly idea how to read scholarly sources, as he had, once again, made a basic blunder of reading. After a while, when does one leave “this man makes many blunders in reading basic materials” and move over to “this man is simply dishonest”? I think we’ve gotten to that point, sadly. But, on the positive side, we noted the great interaction we had with Abdullah Kunde, and the positive results from that.

The next DL may be next week, but, a small possibility exists of doing one later this week via Skype, unless I am out nutria hunting with Fibby (channel inside comment there).

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