William Albrecht was on the DL for the last 45 minutes of the program today. I played some sections from his videos, and we attempted to dialogue about worship and a few other issues related to Roman Catholic apologetics. I will very gladly leave it to the audience to decide who is able to reason on the matters of faith and history, and who does so in very tight circles. Here’s the program

(Note: about 30 seconds from the end of the program, right as I was going to thank William for calling, I accidentally cut him off as I tried to move my cursor on the phone program. I immediately noted this, and thanked him for calling anyway.)

Don’t forget that there will be no Thursday DL, but that I will attempt, as best I can, to arrange for at least one or two programs next week while I am in London, and then in Durham the week after. Please pray for me as I continue to prepare for five debates and a tremendous amount of preaching and teaching.

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