The works of Thomas Manton, highly recommended by Spurgeon and others who know sound theology, are back in print. I know many who frequent this blog know the name, and know the wealth of sound biblical writing this set represents. And now, you can obtain this set, at a tremendous price, and help support Alpha and Omega Ministries, all at the same time.
   We know that our small cadre of readers and supporters are a unique group. How else could it be, given that I have pretty much offended every religious group imaginable as I have sought to “walk straight in accordance with the gospel” over the past twenty five years? We do not seek the popular road. Consistency in handling the Word of God and in the proclamation of the Lordship of Christ keeps us from appealing to a wide range of today’s churchianity, to be sure. So when I mention resources I have found useful or edifying, many of those who support us are interested in obtaining them. So, given the current economic situation and the many efforts we are making to promote the claims of Christ (London, Ehrman in January, just a few weeks later debates in Connecticut), why not provide another way folks can be blessed, get great materials to assist them in their Christian walk, and support the ministry as well?
   So you will see a quickly expanding list of materials available from A&O, starting with the set above. Can you get these elsewhere? Sure, but when you get them from us, you not only get a great price, you help to keep the Dividing Line on the web. I wish I could link to another resource (I just obtained for myself in fact) that I’m excited about, but that will come a bit later.
   So keep an eye out for these new items. I will try to introduce them as best I can here on the blog, but you can find them in the bookstore too. When you obtain these items from us, you are helping to keep the ministry moving forward.

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