OK, you know how you come into your place of business in the morning with an idea of what you are going to try to get done? And know the feeling at the end of the day when you realize that though you have hardly taken the time to take a deep breath you didn’t get anything at all done of what you had originally planned? Yeah, that’s today.
   OK, well, if you want to sit at your screen and stare and sort of drool and go, “No way…no, can’t be…he just said that? What?” then don’t forget today’s “As Liberty Turns” installment, found here. I couldn’t make this kind of stuff up if I tried.
   On the DL today I went over the Caner situation (prior to getting his final reply, please note), then took calls on that situation and, for some reason today, textual critical questions. Today’s DL is found here.
   Finally, Sam Shamoun has written two articles I’d like to refer you to. Shabir Ally has put together some replies regarding our debate, and Sam has replied to them. Here is his article. He has also written this article which may be of interest to my readers. Well, almost anything Sam writes will be of interest to my readers for that matter, so here is his main index page. Bookmark it, and remember to pray for brother Sam. He knows the meaning of being “in the trenches” like few others do.

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