Jimmy Akin has added some new rules for posting on his blog:

23. The following terms are pejorative and their use as actual descriptors (as opposed, for example, to quoting someone else’s use of them for purposes of critique) constitutes rudeness: “Romanist,” “Romish,” “Roman” (when used to mean or as a substitute for “Catholic”), “Roman Church” (when used to mean the entire Catholic Church, as opposed to the Roman church sui iuris that exists within the Catholic Church), “Papist,” Papistic,” “Papistical,” “Popish,” and any cognate terms based on the terms “Roman” or “Pope.”

24. It constitutes rudeness to make inflammatory assertions that one is not prepared to back up by anything more than hearsay (e.g., “Mother Theresa prayed to Hindu idols. I know because my friend said so.”).

   Now, of course, Jimmy Akin can do whatever he wants on his own blog. He can get his followers all riled up and let them blather on about “anti-Catholics” and use every pejorative on the planet, and that’s OK. It’s his blog. If he wants to prove to all he operates on a double standard, that’s his right. The Internet is still free. I would like to think my post earlier today had something to do with this, but I can’t be sure, and actually have a feeling it didn’t. But in any case, don’t be fooled: this isn’t about keeping conversation civil, since obviously, as the nearly 800 posts on his hit-piece on me illustrated, he is more than happy to have as much uncivil material as possible in his comboxes, as long as it promotes Rome. And what religion is it that promotes Rome and uses double-standards in so doing? Yes, that’s right. Romanism.
   I have thought about commenting on the Mother Theresa discussion (i.e., her letters revealing a fundamental lack of conviction of God’s existence, her standing with God, etc.), but I am currently trying to move my attention more fully to the tasks at hand (specifically, the upcoming conference and debate), and I can’t imagine the tidal wave of incoherent vitriol that even commenting on the topic would launch my direction. I’ve had enough of that for a while, at least coming from the city set on seven hills and her mob-like followers. (BTW, for those few Roman Catholics who do not behave as the majority, I only have to ask—why don’t you police your own people? Why don’t I see you decrying your mob-like folks like I decry the folks who claim to be on my side?)
   Speaking of incoherent vitriol…Dave Armstrong has returned to blogging. I just happened to see a new article on his site. I truly think Armstrong is headed for a full-on meltdown soon, to be honest. The level of “shrill” is peaking. In any case, the article started, “David T. King: anti-Catholic Reformed Baptist pastor….” Poor Dave. He can’t even start an article with accuracy. It is well known that David King is a Presbyterian minister, not a Reformed Baptist. Now, that is not for my not trying! We’d love to have David…but alas, my brother remains, as Bill Shishko, a Presbyterian. Anyone reading the response brother David wrote to Armstrong will once again see that Armstrong is helpless when it comes to being refuted. All he can do is throw a fit and grow more shrill, which is why I have a feeling we may see a complete melt-down (again–how many has DA exhibited over the years?) in the not too distant future.
   While I was typing this little article up a discussion has been taking place in my chat channel about high-level scandal in the TBN superstar/megachurch world–that same circle that bears so little resemblance to anything I could remotely identify as the Christian faith. Seems Paula and Randy White are getting a divorce, and “prophetess” Juanita Bynum is going through something similar. Now, I hate divorce, and it is sad to see these things, but if you read those articles, you will notice something. Massive, massive, massive amounts of money. Millions. Mercedes Benz and mansions and jets and the whole Benny Hinn “fleece the sheep while the fleecing is good” experience. So it is hardly surprising, is it? The sad thing is this: divorce happens. Sin happens. But especially in the White situation, it doesn’t look like anyone cares in the slightest, as all the “big shots” are just going right on, ignoring the carnage they are leaving behind. Oh my.

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