Just a quick thought.

I have always liked tech. OK, I was NOT in the tiny little group of nerds who did the Tandy computer thing in high school with the cassette tape recorder as the “drive,” but I wasn’t too far behind. I wear Garmin watches that connect to my iPhone and I am typing this on an incredibly nice MacBook Pro computer. I am about to ride in a virtual world called Zwift where I get to race people from all across the world and get not only a killer workout but I can’t get run over by someone reading this post on Facebook in their real life car, either.

I never got into the video game scene like most of my younger brothers today. Yes, I played a few when they first came out, and wasted a good bit of time with the first Wolfenstein 3D game, a short stint with Doom, and a lot of time with my favorite, Descent (I and II primarily). Oh, I guess we could stick Dune in there, too, though that’s more of a board game type scenario. Anyway, I have never even had a VR thing on my face, not once. And with Mark Zuckerberg pushing all of that now, I can tell you, I will fight putting one on as hard as I would fight someone injecting me with experimental genetic goop.

A few years ago my wife saw the film Ready Player One, and she said I’d enjoy it. I actually rented it a few weeks ago and, as normal, watched it while riding (I am nothing if not an accomplished multi-tasker). And yes, I enjoyed it, on one level, but given what is going on now, I saw it as a warning, as well it might be.

The “Metaverse” stuff going on right now, together with lockdowns and forced tyrannical medical treatments for things only Big Brother thinks are “dangerous,” together with genetic manipulation, all taking place in the context of anti-human secularism, is a noxious combination every Christian should be aware of. God did not make us to live in an electronic fantasy world. He did not create us so that we can augment our natural bodies with Borg-like implants so as to be “better.”

We need to realize something now, and drive a deep stake in the ground to hold to. God’s design is the only design that will ever truly satisfy us, as His creatures. But far more important than that, it is the only design that will ever glorify Him as God. And that if the key issue. Trans-humanism, metaversism, and anything else, that removes us from the context that God has willed to place us in whereby we can glorify Him must not only be resisted, it must be despised. And we need to start explaining to our children and grandchildren, TODAY, why that is. The temptations will be great. Only those firmly rooted in divine truth will prevail.

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