Tomorrow afternoon I will have the honor of opening the Scriptures once again at Apologia Church (we live stream the sermon around 4:45-4:50pm our time on Facebook) where I will move us on to the next point in our Doctrines of Grace series, that of the “Terrible, Horrible L.” Everyone’s least favorite point, right? Well, it should not be. Not by a long shot.

In Romans 8:33 a question is asked, a question of cosmic import. In Greek it reads, τίς ἐγκαλέσει κατὰ ἐκλεκτῶν θεοῦ; Who will bring a formal charge/accusation against the elect of God? It is a rhetorical question in light of what follows, that being that God justifies and the Son died, and rose again, and intercedes for whom? The elect of God. So the assumed answer is, “No one,” since the Father and the Son have provided for their perfect salvation, and, as was mentioned just a few verses earlier, the Spirit dwells within them.

If we really understood what this rhetorical question means, we would be the most blessed, unperturbable, joyous, steadfast, content people on the planet. This question tells us our standing in Christ is all His work, His accomplishment, and we cannot add to it or destroy it. His electing grace is the fountainhead, Christ has died in their stead, Christ intercedes for them, condemnation cannot come against them. They have peace. This is the good news, and it is glorious. Believe, rest, rejoice.

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