Sunday morning, after watching Ergun Caner tell jokes at FBC Woodstock, I spoke on an (ironically) relevant text as we pressed toward the end of our Hebrews series:

And finished the whole book up Sunday evening:

All 80 sermons (preached over 6 years) are available here.

Continuing in my “pick the easiest material to preach in the Bible” theme, I have decided to attempt to tackle the Holiness Code in Leviticus as my next preaching project.  Could be an unmitigated disaster, of course.  I’m not much of a preacher, and trying to turn that kind of material into a sermon series is probably way, way past my very limited skill set, but at the same time, can you think of a more abused portion of Scripture by enemies of the faith today?  Don’t think so?  Check this out:

Good to remind ourselves that this gross abuse of the Scriptures 1) took place 14 years ago, showing that the attack upon the moral and biblical foundation of our nation has been a long-term project, and 2) should be second nature to believers in that we should know immediately how to respond to it.  Not, of course, that Hollywood would ever give us a chance to do so, but in real life situations, we should know those texts so well that our response should be clear, concise, compelling, and God-honoring.


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