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I Really TRIED to Talk About Other Stuff, But…Eventually…

I seriously did start off with the Calvin College story on gay marriage and tried to address a few other topics, but look—when you have folks accusing me of going “soft” on Islam, and have folks saying I’ve gotten too “friendly,” what did you expect?  I addressed the topic.  For about an hour of today’s 90 minute program—and I still had more to say!  Be prepared to be challenged!  By the way, scroll down below the program box for a video that I mentioned on the program that had been tweeted to me but I didn’t get a chance to view until after the program was over.  Thought it was well done and useful.

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Total Insanity at the Start, then on to Important Issues about Secularism, Homosexuality, and Regeneration

Did a 75 minute program today, starting off with the looniest video I’ve ever seen aimed at me from a small Romanist cult up in New York.  Then we moved on to the “God Isn’t Fixing This” headline, an article on the TGC blog about homosexuality, and finally a brief review of Paul Copan’s article on regeneration and faith.  Enjoy!

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Movie Reviews, Kentucky Baptists, SQUIRREL!, Oh, Uh, and Ehrman

Covered the vast wide countryside of theology and apologetics today, including a review of the Free Speech Apocalypse movie (and some non-spoiler comments about The Martian!), a brief listen to one of the candidates for the Kentucky Baptist Convention presidency, one of the audience questions from the recent atheist debate, and finally, after a bit more wandering about, nearly an hour on the Ehrman debate we began on the last program.  Hope it will be helpful!

Please note that I am on grand-baby watch this week (due Thursday!), so whether we get more DL’s in this week or not is completely dependent upon…others!

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Numerous Topics Eventually Leading to a Return to the Brownson/Homosexuality Discussion on Today’s DL

Wandered about a good bit on a number of topics, including interacting directly with a Muslim on Twitter who simply cannot (or will not) understand the necessity of consistency and avoiding double standards in debate at the start of the program today.  Though I didn’t get to the Ehrman/Bass debate, I still ended up taking nearly 15 minutes talking about it, and issuing an open challenge to Dr. Ehrman to debate his claim, “None of the New Testament writers identified Jesus was Yahweh.”  Would be glad to debate that one in Chapel Hill, if Ehrman doesn’t want to travel.  Anyway, we eventually got to the Brownson materials again, but I spent most of my time reviewing where we had been before, and hence didn’t make much headway.  Still, though, hopefully useful to folks!

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