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Limited Atonement with David Allen, Ecclesiastical Textism with Robert Truelove

First Dividing Line back from a fierce ten day battle with the flu, so we went mega-length, two full hours.  First 75 minutes we discussed the atonement and theology in general, starting to listen to comments made by Dr. David Allen of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary wherein he described limited atonement as a “doctrine looking for a text.”  It was not difficult debunking that claim, to be sure. But then we moved over in the last 45 minutes to Robert Truelove’s video on the ecclesiastical text, once again asking—ok, so?  What does this actually accomplish?  How does it answer questions?

Then, right at the end of the show, Rich mentioned that Tim Bushong, who did our Radio Free Geneva theme, has released a Christmas album that, jarringly I’m sure for some, includes the full version of the Might Fortress riff he did for us.  And you can get that album either as a cd or as a download (and help his daughter on a missions trip) at various links, such as here, here, and here.

Here is the YouTube link:

Skype Show from Tucson: A Bit on Race, A Bit on Thanksgiving, Then A Lot on ETism

Did a live program from Tucson today via Skype, touching a bit on some of the reactions on the race issue from last time, discussing Thanksgiving a little, and then spending most of the time on a recent FB article promoting Ecclesiastical Textism and more reasons why I find this tradition so very dangerous to Christian apologetics.  We plan on doing the next program on Monday.

Here is the YouTube link:

Post-Election Thoughts and an Ecclesiastical Text Video

Spent the first half hour with a few post-election thoughts, meandering around the landscape, and then played two new “ecclesiastical text” videos and responded to them—as much as I could, given they don’t actually make sufficiently clear claims so as to be able to interact with them.  However, the cartoons joining me and Dan Wallace with Bart Ehrman were entertaining, at least.

Here is the YouTube link:

Muslim Apologists Keep Rediscovering Apostate Liberalism

I’ll be honest, it would be humorous, if it wasn’t so sad.  Muslim apologists in general are fascinated by apostates. You see it on the Deen Show all the time, where some kid who was once a summer intern at a church is touted as a “former Christian minister” and “expert on Christian theology.”  Bart Ehrman, apostate par-excellence, is their favorite, of course, since he has embraced his role as critic-in-chief of the New Testament. And I told everyone that Daniel J. Kirk, who became known primarily for his coming out in support of the profanation of marriage (I would think even the Muslims would cringe at his arguments there, but, of course, that would require them to actually be concerned about consistency, and only a small handful of them are) and the embracing of LGBTQRSTUV etc. movements as “the move of the Spirit in our day.” Part and parcel of Kirk’s apostasy is his abandonment of the faith in regards to the person of Jesus, and, of course, since Islam likewise denies the Bible’s teaching on the subject, well, Kirk, despite the glaring conflict in worldviews he brings to the NT text, is now one of their favorites. I predicted this, of course, and obligingly, Yahya Snow has provided the evidence.  Notice that Paul Williams identifies Kirk’s liberal meanderings as being “honest.”  I wonder if he does the same for liberal interpreters of the Qur’an? I’d love to see him publicly post in defense of unorthodox, liberal interpretations of Islamic theology. Even he knows he would probably not be safe at Speaker’s Corner if he did so—not from danger from Christians, of course, but from his co-religionists!  But note their praise:  “He should be commended for being bold enough to make the admission the NT is not reliable and is contradictory. He joins Bart Ehrman and Mike Licona in teaching it is contradictory.”  Well, there is a confluence of names you never expected to see!  Kirk, Ehrman, and Licona. But I have said for a very long time, your bibliology is a key dividing line, and Licona only has himself to blame for being listed in the group.


Of course, I really doubt almost any of our Muslims friends have ever even heard of, let alone read, Machen’s Christianity and Liberalism.  If they would, they would realize they are all excited about the news from…long, long ago.

What Do Jory Micah and Ijaz Ahmad Have in Common? A Textual-Critical Heavy Dividing Line

I am sure this will give Ijaz Ahmad hives, but my point was that both Jory Micah and Ijaz are suggesting corruption of the Bible, but for very, very different reasons.  The focus today is all textual critical, with lots of looking at graphics and considering variants and the like.  I confess, it will be hard to just listen to this episode: probably need to see what I’m looking at.  Last Dividing Line with me as host for a while, but John Samson and others will be sitting in, so stay tuned!

Here is the YouTube link: