Issues Relating to the Text of the Bible

Cultural Madness, Atonement Issues, Textual Traditionalism

Upcoming Debates, Tom Buck and Sam Allberry, Steven Anderson and Textual Traditionalism

Microphone Testing, Living Out, Traditional Textism and the Longer Ending of Mark

A Steve Hays Face-Plant, Closer Look at Texts like 1 John 3:1, A Tad of Steven Anderson, Four Phone Calls

Reviewing Recent Interactions on Line, then Back to Erasmus and the Text

Future Predictions, Social Issues, Refuting Bradly Mason, Erasmus, and Steven Anderson Chapter 3

An Almost Two Hour DL: Sam Allberry’s RZIM Presentation on Transgenderism, the Important Issues in Textual Traditionalism

Cultural Observations on the Sexual Revolution, Mormonism, Racialism, and Calls

Radio Free Geneva: NIFB Arguments Reviewed, the Ecclesiastical Text Movement Examined

Russell Moore’s Statement, Steven Anderson on KJVOC Chapter 2

The Color of Compromise, Steven Anderson Continued, Open Phones

An Ultra Mega Dividing Line (2.5 Hours) Covering…A Ton

Textual Criticism and the TR Live from CBTS

Beth Moore’s Racist Library and Open Phones

ATM Preacher, the Christian Shema, and Open Phones

Brandan Robertson on the Death of Christianity, Jared Wilson and Galatians 2, Open Phones with Great Calls!

Michael Kruger on Whether It Is a Waste of Time to Learn Biblical Languages . . .

Open Borders Means Anarchy and Lawlessness, Then Open Phones on Deep Theological Topics

Tim Keller on Jesus Getting Close to You, DTS and Ephesians 5, the Book of Abraham

White Supremacy, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Theology, Imputed Guilt by Race, Kyle J. Howard’s Fear, Racialism, Open Phones

Micro-Aggression Worship Songs, Tweets from the MLK50 Conference, Ehrman on the Gospel Writers, Open Phones

Christian Renewal Focused on True Knowledge of Christ vs. Neo-Marxism (First Hour) then…Coherence Based Genealogical Method Introduction!

LGBTQ Tweets, Ehrman Dividing Mark and John, Open Phones

The New GTY Assault Bible, NA29 Due in 2021, Billy Graham, then Back to Ehrman/Licona

Series to Begin Next Week, the Ebionites, and Open Phones on a 95 Minute Dividing Line

Open Phones on the Dividing Line!

What Justin Martyr Actually Said, Transmission of the Text, Open Phones

Open Lines on the Dividing Line

Psalm 22: Michael Brown and James White Examine This Messianic Psalm in Light of Jewish and Muslim Polemics

Denying vs. Confessing, Canon Discussion at G3, the Lollards

Ijaz Ahmad and Corruption of Scripture, A False Dilemma for Christians, Thoughts on the Condemnation of Michael Brown

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