Issues Relating to the Text of the Bible

Open Phones on the Third Dividing Line of Coronavirus Week #1

A Few Pope Francis Stories, A Bit on Ken Wilson and Augustine, and Open Phones

Open Phones on the Dividing Line

A Jumbo-Mega Edition of the Dividing Line (Two Hours 45 Minutes)

Coming Up on the Dividing Line Today at 3pm EST

A Mixed Bag Including Possible Holiday Discussions with Unbelieving Family Members

Brief Thoughts on the Ehrman/Williams Dialogue and the Licona/Howe Dialogue, Then Open Phones

Bishop Swan’s Racism, Pronouns Matter, Jeffrey Riddle’s Abuse of P46

Gender Care, Text and Canon Conference Reviewed

Two Refutations: Eric Mason (First Hour), Jeffrey Riddle (Last Half Hour)

Gene Kim, Steven Anderson, TRTrads—and a Word to My Fellow Reformed Believers on the Supernatural

1 Peter 3:15 and then David and Bathsheba

1 John 5:7, the Comma Johanneum, Examined

The New Religion of Climate Worship is the Culture of Death, Response to the Textual Traditionalists

Pulpit & Pen, Sam Shamoun, TR Onlyism, Oh My!

Woke History and Critical Theory, David Allen and Romans 8, TR Only Mythology

A Ton of Important Stuff But Too Long for a Title!

Critical Theory in the Church, the “Transient Text,” and Open Phones

More Moore, Tim Staples Speaks Synergism, Steven Anderson and the RBs, Phone Calls, Thoughts on Growth and Change

De-Platformed by Dan DeWitt, the Influence of History, Receiving the Received Text

Way Too Many Topics Today to Put in the Title! Listen Anyway!

The DL Wins the Finals, Dr. Buck Reports on the SBC Annual Meeting, Dale Tuggy Wins the Strawman Award

Platt Prays for President Trump, TR Advocates Create Textual Mythology

Luke 2:22, Steven Anderson, Ireland, TR Onlyism, and You!

Pennsylvania Homosexual Representative, Choose Your CT, Beza and Matthew 1:23

Refuting Bradly Mason’s Critical Theory Diatribe, Interacting on “Cultural Marxism,” Live from London

A Few Opening Thoughts then Open Phones

Cultural Madness, Atonement Issues, Textual Traditionalism

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