First Program on Odysee: Omicron Variants, SCOTUS Case, TROnlyism Again, Responding to Tim Stratton

UPDATE! Live Not By Lies Episode 20,000, then the Key to Middle Knowledge

Review of Today’s Totalitarian Nonsense, the Importance of History, Psalm 110, Psalm 12 and KJVOism

A New Open Phones Format Show!

Get A Deep Seat in the Saddle, Ma!

Yes, Lillibell, We Did Another Radio Free Geneva, and It Was Two Hours Long!

Radio Free Geneva

Clearing the Table Before Tomorrow’s Radio Free Geneva

Miscellaneous Topics Before a Deep Dive into the Perpetual Virginity of Mary

Being Reformed, Provisionism in Rome, Aquinas in Geneva

Road Tripping in El Paso

Road Trip Two: WLC and Adam, the Baptism Debates Rage On

Litton Becomes Biden, Todd’s Category Error, Hank Fictionalizes History

Responding to the ERLC on Religious Exemptions, Creating Variants, Hank Hanegraaff and Church History

FDA Goes Warp Speed, Todd Friel Wears Pinwheels

Another Road Trip DL

Roadtrip DL #2: A&O Seminary Study Continues

Road Trip Dividing Line #1!

An Interaction with Dr. Robert Gagnon on Perseverance and John 6:39

Thoughts on the Legacy Standard Bible and CBGM, Roman Catholic Topics

First DL from Mobile Command Center, Then Dale Tuggy Punches Low

Speaking the Truth Is Dangerous Today/More on Jimmy Akin and Sola Scriptura

Travel, Worldview, Flowers and Open Theism

Big Brother Tweets, FB Discussion, Junias, and Sola Scriptura

“White Nature,” the 1946 Lie, Jimmy Akin

Vanishing Freedoms and More Interaction with Trent Horn on Church History

Rebuttal of Hank Hanegraaff on the Perpetual Virginity of Mary

UN’s “Equiterra” Exposed, Trent Horn Response Continued

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