Radio Free Geneva: Atheists, William Lane Craig, Warren McGrew

Various Woke Explosions, Tim Keller, then Trent Horn

Judas and Open Theism, Preston Sprinkle and Pronoun Hospitality

Thinking Presuppositionally, Brandan Robertson and Chris Fisher

Special Guest Tom Buck/1 Corinthians 1 and a Debate

A Tribute to Rushbo, Prayer for James Coates, Augustine and Zosimus

The Revisionist History of Homosexuality in the Bible Debunked, A Few Other Notes

Identity Christianity, Brandon Tatum and the Deity of Christ

Lewis’ “Prophecies,” Cosmic Reconciliation, the Beauty of Creation

Who We are Subject To, and a Response to Jimmy Akin on Pope Francis

An Incarnation Story (Prologue of John), Family Memories, Debate Challenges

WEF’s Utopia, Live Not By Lies, the Slick v. Shamoun Debate

The Pope, the Red Pill, the Muslims, and John Piper

Responding to Tim Staples on Catholic Answers Live on Sola Scriptura

Lots of Topics to Finish the Week!

Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden? The Real Issue with TR Onlyism

Tons of Important Material Today!

Upcoming Discussions and A Few Articles

We Should Have Just Made This a Radio Free Geneva+

We Should Have Just Made This a Radio Free Geneva

Swimming the Tiber, Hosea 11:1 in the LXX, Frank Turek on Molinism

James Cone’s Children, Then In-Depth on the Immaculate Conception

Todd White Discovers Spurgeon, Timothy Cho, Free Speech, TR-Onlyism

The Calvinist Club, Sola Scriptura, Purgatory

The Sudden Clarity of Black Racism (Louis Farrakhan), Then a Response to Jonathan McLatchie on the Noetic Effect of Sin

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