Open Phones Dividing Line Friday

Supreme Court, BLM, Thabiti, 2 Cor. 4:4

Yet Another Twitter Mob Refuted, Romans 5:1: Indicative or Subjunctive?

Open Phones on the Third Dividing Line of Coronavirus Week #1

Covid-19 is a Darwinist’s Dream, Two Full Hours in Response to David Allen

Open Phones on the Dividing Line

Francis Chan and Church History, Leighton Flowers and Romans 3

Bethel Church and Miracles, Rosaria Butterfield, Gender Pronouns, and the Post-Obergefell World

Key Advent Texts from Isaiah and Micah, Paul, Demas, Alexander.

Alexanders and the Church

Brief Thoughts on the Ehrman/Williams Dialogue and the Licona/Howe Dialogue, Then Open Phones

Bishop Swan’s Racism, Pronouns Matter, Jeffrey Riddle’s Abuse of P46

A Ton of Important Stuff But Too Long for a Title!

Marty Sampson’s Instagram Article, Faithfulness, and then 30 Minutes of Open Phones

An In-Depth Look at Ephesians 1

Radio Free Geneva: Mike Winger and Limited Atonement Once Again!

1 Timothy 2, Men and Women in the Church, then a Full Review of Shapiro/Craig

Debate: The Extent of the Atonement: A Brotherly, Biblically-Based Discussion and Disagreement, Michael Brown, 2/27/2019

The Color of Compromise, Steven Anderson Continued, Open Phones

Radio Free Geneva (Part 2): Scriptural Considerations in Response to Justin Brierley

The Wiccans and the Presbies, then Open Phones with Great Calls

ATM Preacher, the Christian Shema, and Open Phones

Is Galatians 2 Relevant to Modern Racial Theory? Michael Heiser and ANE, Brandan Robertson’s Apostacy

Dr. Mason’s The Woke Church’s Misrepresentation, Open Phones

Shawn McCraney and Ephesians 1 on Radio Free Geneva

Mormonism and the LGBTQ Movement, China’s Totalitarianism, Polight’s Confusion, Open Phones UPDATED

Romans 15:13, 1 Tim 4, Heb 7:24 and ἀπαράβατον, Church History without Racial Quotas

Bill Mounce and John 3:16, Slamming TMU/TMS, More on “Color Blind,” then Open Phones with Good Calls

Michael Kruger on Whether It Is a Waste of Time to Learn Biblical Languages . . .

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