I was directed to this article about “Gay Marriages” (marriage, being defined by God, cannot be redefined by man, hence, these are not marriages at all, but celebrations of rebellion) and as I scanned down the page I encountered the picture found here. The AP picture by Tony Avelar carries the following caption:

Jennifer Kozumplik, left, and her partner of 17 years Nicole Webber, right, from Sacramento, Calif., hold their 18 month-old daughter Sophie as they pose for a photo after receiving their marriage license on the first day of same sex marriages at City Hall in San Francisco.

   As I stared at the picture I could not help but see only one thing: the selfish, self-centered abuse of a beautiful little child by two people committed to the fulfillment of their own desires. I once again immediately thought of the comments of Rosie O’Donnell. She was asked about her “son,” and she said he has asked about where his daddy is. O’Donnell’s response is the very essence of self-centeredness: “I tell him Mommy only likes other Mommies.”
   It is a measure of the decay of Western culture that self-deception is the activity of the day. We constantly cry, “for the children, for the children!” while abusing them to no end in the service of ourselves. It is purposefully abusive of a child to consciously deny to them a mother and a father. It is even worse to warp them, from the start, by providing two mothers or two fathers, neither of which is actually a mother or a father, since, by definition, those terms are defined by the other. None of these abused children actually have a true father or a true mother. A father is a man who heads the household and loves his wife as himself; a mother is a female who bears the children and nurtures them, honoring and loving her husband. These role models are never perfect even in the best situations, but the fact that there is failure in true marriage is no excuse for the creation of faux-marriages.
   A further measure of the decay of our culture is the fact that men like myself will not long be allowed to deny the validity of these unions born of rebellion against God. Oh, I know, for the moment we are assured that we will not be forced to acknowledge these abominations before God, but let’s be serious. Look north. Look at Canada. Look to Europe. Homosexual activists, and the foolish politicians who pander to them, are not content with “equality.” They want uber-rights. They want to silence any reminder of their sin and rebellion. They will not stop until we are silenced or, in God’s grace, repentance comes to a nation, bringing His law back into the consciousness of the populace, resulting in homosexuality once again being seen for what it is: a shameful distortion and perversion of human sexuality. Of course, God may not grant repentance to that nation: He may well replace that nation with one that will hear His law. But in any case, anyone who trusts in the promises of the politicians that the “religious” will not be forced to acknowledge these “unions” should consider buying stock in companies catering to the Y2K problem.
   But while I still have the freedom to say it, I will, and clearly: it is nothing short of child abuse to subject a little one to constant exposure to homosexuality and its perversion of human relationships. Homosexuals cannot reproduce naturally, of course, so they must do so through the perversion of the minds and morals of others. And they have found willing allies in politicians of all kinds who are willing to trade their souls for cash and votes. May God have mercy and bring true repentance!

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