I was vivdly reminded of the truth of Romans 1:24-32 as I read this article. It seems these British environmentalists consider the life of the planet more valuable than human life. The whole issue of environmentalism is one that is often distorted by extremes (aren’t so many issues that way?). As Christians, we should recognized two things that are evident in Genesis 1-2: 1) God gave the earth to man for him to subdue. Man has dominion over all that God made, and hence it is for our use. However, 2) we are to be good stewards of creation, as we should be of all of God’s gifts to us. This being said, we should never, never place environmental concern over the commands of God, such as “You shall not murder,” or the exhortations of God as in Psalm 127 that tells us that the fruit of the womb is a “reward,” not a curse (another sign of God’s judgment on our culture: calling God’s blessings a curse).
   This is what happens, though, when a sound principle such as being conscientious about looking after the world God has entrusted to us is handled by sinful minds that suppress the knowledge of God and try to operate based on their own fallen reason: God is removed from the picture, and the planet becomes the object of worship instead. In bygone days the pagans would sacrifice children to their false gods; nowadays it is the pagan environmentalists who are doing the same.
   May God have mercy on us all.

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