This story appeared on the CNN website today, once again illustrating how modern, popular science is less about critical thinking and more about toeing the line and not criticizing cherished beliefs. The school teacher involved, the article states, has a master’s degree in science, and yet had the audacity to provide “supplemental material” that showed both the logical consequences of evolutionary thinking (i.e., the dehumanizing of whole people groups as happened in Nazi Germany, and the disregard for the unborn as promoted by Planned Parenthood), and the fact that there are other tenable ideas out there that make sense of the scientific data. The teacher says he did not teach Creationsim explicitly, but merely provided additional information “to get them thinking.”
   We may or may not agree with his methodology, but the reaction to this young man’s attempt to inject discernment into the classroom is certainly very revealing. The article quotes one parent as being “concerned” when his daughter came home “confused” by what the teacher had said, claiming that “it prevented her from learning what she needed to learn.” Another wondered “how many minds did he pollute?” Nowhere does the article state that the teacher did not teach what was on the curriculum. It seems that all he did was to provide an alternative to the views expressed in the text book. As we know, however, this is not permitted in the classroom, especially over such a fundamental issue as life’s origins. While no man is able, or ever will be able, to prove evolutionary theory, it is the sacred cow of science, since so much of modern biological, cosmological, anthropological, geological, and sociological study base their theories upon it. If you throw out evolution, you tear down the foundations upon which these rest, and you have to spend years rebuilding, looking for new paradigms, and so forth. And yet isn’t this what science is all about? It seems, though, that the only places where science is taught this way are private (mostly Christian) schools and many thousands of Christian Homeschools.
   If you have children in the public school system and you wish them to get a balanced science education, there are some great resources on the web. For starters I would recommend Answers in Genesis, also check out the CD of James White’s discussion of the 1987 Supreme Court decision to ban Creation Science being taught in the public school system (#419 in the CD store), and the article on this site by Dr. White entitled “Evidence for Special Creation from Scientific Evidence”. Also, James’ book What’s with the Mutant in the Microscope?, is an excellent introduction on the subject for youth. Sadly, it is currently out-of-print, but you can still get copies of it used on Amazon,, and other such places. You could also ask your homeschooling friends who are bound to know of good, balanced, science textbooks.

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