The following video was posted by a 16 year old commenting on the vote on the nature of marriage in North Carolina. You will note it contains no profanity. It is reasoned and clear. And that, of course, is the problem. If this was a young homosexual ranting against Christianity using profanity, or even a middle aged one, like Dan Savage, well, YouTube’s “Community Standards” would not have any problem with that at all. But YouTube pulled this over the weekend. Thankfully, news sources caught on, and lo and behold, those Community Standards got, uh, re-adjusted.

The fact is, homosexual activists on line act in a “pack,” hitting videos and presentations they do not like with complaints as a group. That is why they exercise a coercive power far beyond their actual numbers. We do not join with others based upon our sexual “preferences,” so we do not have the same kind of power, even though we are by far more numerous.

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