Since returning from Little Rock I’ve been working at preparing for Edmond, OK this weekend and the debate in LA. Just a few representative Federal Vision quotes in passing. Doug Wilson wrote: 

Our duty is simply to accept this. And this means we must maintain that there is a union with Christ that all baptized Christians share, whether those Christians are reprobate or not. In this sense, there is no covenantal distinction between the elect and the reprobate within the covenant. But it also requires us to maintain that there is a decretal distinction between the elect and the reprobate within the covenant. This decretal distinction is then manifested in history by means of covenant members who either keep or break covenant. The covenant is kept by grace through faith, and the covenant is broken through unbelief. When the covenant is kept, it is kept by faith in the only One who kept covenant perfectly, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only true covenant keeper, and we keep covenant through faith in Him and that faith is a gift, lest any boast. Unbelief that causes the covenant to be broken is unbelief in Jesus Christ, either through rejection of the covenant, or through attempts to keep covenant on our own apart from Him. 

Steve Schlissel:

Galatians 3:28 and Romans 3:28 are verses which have oft been extorted from their contexts, stripped of their author’s intent, dressed in the style of their captors, and reduced to servitude in contrived systems. If anyone should speak of restoring the verses to their original settings, the taskmasters scurry to their battlements and snipe. That’s understandable, I suppose. After all, it’s hard to find good servants; their lords are loathe to let them go. 

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