Justin Brierley is hosting a two-part conversation featuring Richard Bauckham on the topic of his views of the eyewitnesses and Jesus’ ministry on his “Unbelievable” radio program this week and next. I listened to the first part while riding yesterday, and found it fascinating (though at one point I was a bit distracted by riding through a long stretch of swarms of white flies in the darkness before sunrise—I can’t wait till those little creatures are no longer a regular part of my morning diet!). It is a two-parter, so the second section should air this weekend. At the end of the program Justin read e-mails, and played comments on both of my own recent appearances on “Unbelievable,” both with the Fosters to discuss Calvinism/Arminianism and then eternal punishment. I found the commentary fascinating, to be sure. You can listen to the current program with Richard Bauckham, as well as the two programs I did last month, here. Let Justin know you are listening, as that is always an encouragement. If I get a chance to get to London in February, I hope to join Justin in studio again.

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