There are few things more disgusting to me than unwillingness to be honest and forthright in your faith. If you believe X, then confess X, and don’t be ashamed of X. So when I was directed today to an “interview” that “Servetus the Evangelical” did recently about his apostasy and self-promotion, I was almost made ill by the fact that they used electronic means to mask his voice! Amazing, just amazing. Whoever this fellow is, one thing is for sure: he has a credibility rating of absolute zero, and has now begun digging downward into the negative numbers. Once again, if there is, in fact, anyone in the “evangelical” community who knows the identity of this apostate who is seeking to convince others to follow him in his denial of the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, I implore you by all that is good and decent, expose this man for the sake of the fellowship of faith.

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