As I head out this morning for my flight to Heathrow I caught a segment on the Today show on NBC regarding The Da Vinci Code. I couldn’t help but compare and contrast the response Christians have had to this deeply blasphemous attack upon the very heart of their faith and a dozen small cartoons featuring Mohammed and the response of Islam worldwide. We all know that The Da Vinci Code blasphemes the character of Christ, denies His deity, His resurrection, the inspiration and accuracy of the Bible, etc. So how have we responded? With violence? No. As we have demonstrated on this blog, we have responded with interaction, refutation, scholarship, and reason. We have taken Dan Brown’s assertions and demonstrated them to be lies without a shred of historical foundation. So, if we take just two of the cartoons drawn of Mohammed, the most famous with his turban in the shape of a lit bomb, and the second of him standing in front of a line of men, still smoking from some kind of suicide activity I assume, waiting to get into heaven, informing them that they have run out of virgins, what would Islam’s response be if it was based upon the truth? Would we not find documentation that Islam is a religion of peace, and does not in fact produce bombings and the like? But we all know that would be impossible. And what of the Muslim idea of the afterlife, one man with multiple women in a sensual, physical environment? Once again the cartoon speaks to truth, does it not? How is it possible to defend such a carnal view of the afterlife as that seen in Islam? I know some do defend this, as I have heard them try, but my point is, if that defense is so compelling and valid, why isn’t that what we are seeing in Islamic nations, rather than the violence, the rage, the guns, the fire, and the murders?
The response of Christianity to a blasphemous and far more popular attack upon its heart (The Da Vinci Code) in contrast to the response of Islam to a small set of cartoons that often speak directly to the truth, is telling indeed!

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