You may have seen this new item today:

As many as 50 Muslim villagers armed with clubs and axes recently attacked a showing of the ‘Jesus’ film near Sargodha, Pakistan, injuring three part-time evangelists and four Christians in attendance.
Two of the evangelists were said to be seriously injured. The Muslim hardliners also damaged a movie projector, burned reels of the film and absconded with the public address system and donations from Christian viewers in Chak village, about 10 kilometers northeast of Sargodha.

Officers at the Saddr police station refused to register a case against the Muslim assailants, sources said….

The evangelists said a Muslim cleric instigated the Muslim villagers, who were armed with clubs, spades and axes.

This happens so often anymore that for many it has become “ho hum.” This is how Muslims act in Muslim lands. This is what happens when a religion rooted in 7th century Arabian ethics is forced upon the modern world. But think for just a moment. What if there was a “Muhammad” film? Would you expect to hear of Christians with clubs and axes attacking villagers and burning copies of the film? And if such a thing did happen, what would be the response? Riots in the streets, if the Danish cartoons were any indication. Burning buildings and the like. But will the state-run media point these things out? No, they sit in silence, focused upon Tiger Woods. The double standard is striking.

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