…I might have time to get to all I want to do right now! I just received this book (again from the Ministry Resource List, one of the greatest sources of encouragement over the past year, let me tell you!), and I am chomping at the bit to get into it. Just flipping through it revealed that this will fit tremendously well with another resource I have, the full size, museum quality facsimile of the 328a Quranic manuscript. It also has a fascinating section on the Zaynab incident that I can’t wait to work through. Once again, thanks to those who provide these useful, and encouraging resources!
Quick Update: Once again, I am humbled by all those who visited the list and ordered books. I have added four more books this evening, all rather esoteric sources on mythology and the alleged parallels to Jesus and the gospel, as I have barely three weeks till the debate with Dan Barker on that very subject, and the more documentation I have in hand, the better!

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