Here is the video from the Unbelievable Radio program with Justin Brierley on the Premier Radio Network in the UK ( Abdullah al-Andalusi (Abdullah from London, as I referred to him before, or, Mujtahid2006, by his YouTube moniker) and I did the program, Justin Brierley hosted. You can see my little video camera down in the bottom of the screen to the left, but this is a better view since Yahya Seymour had a better angle. Well, sort of a better angle. The lights cast a shadow across my eyes, making me look wonderfully evil. Or wonderfully tired. Or both. In any case, my video cut Abdullah in half, and the audio did not sync up with the video, so I’m grabbing Abdullah’s video and putting the Unbelievable URL across it. So here you go, the radio discussion from London from Thursday, 11/13/08.

Now, I was looking at some of the comments left by Muslims on this video on Abdullah’s version. These are so bad, so…incoherent, they really speak for themselves. Someone named mustafagtgt wrote some doozies:

According to Mr. White, God was seized of his knowledge, seized of his power, seized of his independence, seized of his sovereignty and seized in essence became Godless! If a Christian first ponders on the implications of God becoming a human then it will be evident enough that God seized to become God.
Did you guys notice how Mr. White tried to avoid the entire dilemma of the Trinity by attacking Islam and the Quran? James White and other Christian apologetics are hypocrites. David (the guy who wears glasses) is another example.
James white has a big ego because after these debates he always makes his own little rebbutle videos and then posts them on Youtube.

Then we have this insight from tolerancelastic:

notice how James White keeps throwing in words such as “essence”, “nature”, “person” etc. this is a clever strategy. he thinks his point is proved just because he phrases his statements using certain words. but when you examine carefully, it just doesn’t stand to logic.

i mean, James White says that Jesus was fully God and fully man. and he expects us to believe in that nonsense! lol well, i say James White is fully human and fully monkey.

And finally, this classic from stingray2525:

no brother, you are wrong! you have given too much credit to james white.

a monkey can spend his whole life, grow old and die with the assurance of having hair on his head, while james can only give that assurance to others to not cause any accidents to people who might get blinded by the reflection of the light bouncing from his shiny head

sorry james, just thought you should know it is unfair for the monkey to be put on the same plate with you.

   Further evidence of my assertion that comboxes should be called IIAs….Internet Ignorance Aggregators.

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