You’re strutting on you tube with your chest stuck way out boasting “I know more than Chuck, I’m more spiritual than Chuck” Even if you do have superior biblical knowledge, you don’t get to use it to attack and tear down the reputations of your fellow servants of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Also, regarding what you said about Chuck Smith being the leader like a pope was incorrect because I happen to know first hand there are Calvary Chapel pastors who don’t necessarily agree with everything Chuck teaches, and that the doctrinal structure between Chuck Smith and other Calvary Chapel pastors is a relatively loose coupling. Not at all as you represented. But because you presented that pretending to have first hand knowledge when you obviously do not, you were being dishonest at best. Knowledge puffs up. God resists the proud. And what makes you think you are any less blinded to the traditions that exist in your own doctrinal paradigms? I suppose you see perfectly and Chuck is blind right? If you actually do see clear to remove the mote from your brothers eye, do it by speaking the truth in love in an email to Chuck, not in a retaliatory vindictive work of the flesh designed to tear down your brother and exalt yourself. Talk about being blind. I am ashamed of you.

Isn’t it amazing how I can provide an exegetically based response to Smith’s eisegetical comments, and all I get in response is this kind of emotionalism? I have not received a single biblically based response to what I said about Smith’s comments, yet, I have received a number of emotional ones. Personally, I think this speaks volumes. Compare the above emotionalism with what I actually said:

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