If the above two topics pique your interest in the least, you will want to tune in live to the 2012 GPTS Spring Theology Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm.

The two evening sessions will be (Lord willing) broadcast live on Sermon Audio. If you click here at 7pm tomorrow, you will hear Dr. Paul Helseth on the topic “Scripture, Inerrancy, and the Role of Reason”; and 7pm on Wednesday, if you click here you can listen to Dr. Joseph Pipa on the topic a “Biblical Rationale for a Reformed Seminary.”

Paul Helseth is the author of “Right Reason” and the Princeton Mind: An Unorthodox Proposal. And Dr. Pipa is the president of GPTS and author of numerous books including The Lord’s Day

For further information on this entire conference you go click here

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