Thanks to the diligent work of Mike Gaydosh of Solid Ground Christian Books, his staff, and my volunteers (Marie Peterson, Carrie Gambill, the rest of the #prosapologian crew), the period of time between my decision to publish a response to The Lost Tomb of Jesus film and the accompanying book, The Jesus Family Tomb, which I believe I made on March 1st, and the time when it will be in my hand (I believe Monday, April 2), is simply astounding. One month! I did not actually start writing until the 5th, so it was less than a month from the start of the project until the book was produced and shipped and in my possession. Truly an amazing testament to what you can do if you just work hard at it!
So now comes your turn. This book needs to get to believers so that they can be prepared. But it also needs to get in the hands of unbelievers who find this kind of argumentation compelling. We are going to put together a special offer as soon as we can including the book, the “Empty Tomb of Jesus” t-shirt, and a tract I am writing especially for use with the book. That’s my current project. So keep watching the blog for details, and join us in using this error-filled attack upon the faith as a starting point to proclaim the truth to a world intent upon disbelief and rebellion.

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