Eric Svendsen has hung up his blogging…shoes, or gloves, or whatever you use to blog. Here’s his announcement. I can fully understand how he feels. To be honest, I can’t figure out how he, and so many others, can put out so much material. You have probably noted that my volume of blogging is lower than many others. The main reason for that is simply time: if you want to produce something meaningful, it takes time, and if you are writing numerous articles for various journals and publications, working on books, etc., and then traveling as much as I have been of late, it just simply isn’t possible to blog prolifically. But secondly, I can’t judge my efforts by others: I have to be responsible with my time and be prepared to complete the tasks for which I am responsible, both with A&O and in reference to my church. So I applaud Eric for focusing upon his local church. I’ve been mentioning lately that I expect the blog fad to start dying down, to be honest, which will be a good thing. You simply can’t keep up with forty or fifty blogs on a regular basis. Now, I have no intentions of curtailing my blogging: which for some is bad news, for others good news. However, I am truly considering making it a Monday/Wednesday/Friday thing, with the DL’s on Tuesday/Thursday, and if something pops up I can always throw it up there, too. But it is quite a burden to try to do something daily (if you blog, you know what I mean).
But on the lighter side, Steve Hays has once again written a classic piece. Lately the folks at confusiosanitorium or whatever it is have not only charted new courses in unorthodoxy (as we all said they would, eventually), but they have taken to posting some of the most hilarious podcasts (replete with music)…and the combined effect was to tickle Hays’ funny bone. True humor always has a strong element of truth in it, and this one illustrates that to no end.

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