I noticed today that my good friend Tom Ascol wants a motorcycle. But, his dear wife said lightning would have to strike first. Well, that’s one obstacle down anyway. I’ve been riding since I was 19 (do the math: that means I have safely ridden with no accidents or tickets for about 27 years). My last two rides I purchased on-line. Both were incredible deals. My 1986 Virago finally gave up the ghost this past Spring, so I am now riding this gorgeous machine, which again, I got used, but in awesome shape, on Craig’s List. It was really nice to get 52 mpg when gas was over $4 a gallon (and sadly, folks, it will be back there, and beyond, before we know it), and Phoenix is a pretty decent place to ride (though riding in the afternoon in July and August can be—messy). So, to show my solidarity with ol’ Tom, I will be riding my bike to the office tomorrow! Keep hoping, Tom!

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