Chris Arnzen hosts the daily radio show, Iron Sharpens Iron. Each day, Chris presents an hour long interview on topics that are important to Christians. For the past number of days, Chris has been interviewing the contributors to the book, Glory Road: The Journeys of Ten African-Americans into Reformed Christianity.

The interviews have been fascinating. All the interviews are available on mp3:

Leon Brown: “God’s Wrath or Redemption

Michael Leach:”The Journey of An African-American into Reformed Christianity

Lance Lewis: “The Old Bait & Switch: Did Calvary Offer an Opportunity for Redemption or Did it Redeem? (An African American’s Journey into Reformed Christianity

Roger Skepple: “Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places: Is Reformed Theology Antithetical to the Love of God? (An African-American’s Journey)”

Redditt Andrews III: “A Plea For Real Answers: An African-American’s Journey into Reformed Christianity

Anthony J. Carter: “Black, Reformed, but Foremost Christian

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