I have an odd request to make of our readers. I would imagine there are some who follow this blog who know what I mean when I speak of using Unicode as the new standard for Greek fonts in typesetting. And I would imagine a few know that you can’t just switch over from older, proprietary fonts, to Unicode. It generally takes a great deal of time to re-enter the text by hand.
   So here’s my situation. Reformation Trust is putting the 1995 publication, Sola Scriptura! back in print. However, the Greek font I used back then is no longer in use. I need to re-type, in Unicode, all the footnote citations that use Greek. There are a number of them, but it isn’t a massive amount. But no one at the publisher has the expertise to do this, and it has fallen to me. However, I am less than a week out from heading to New Jersey and New York, and I simply do not have time to invest in re-typesetting Greek footnotes over the next couple of weeks. I have the document in Word or PDF formats. If there is someone who can read Greek and could change the Greek to Unicode in those footnotes, it would help us get that book out in a more timely fashion. Please let me know through our contact page if you could do that, or, drop in our chat channel and let me know that way. Thanks for your consideration!

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