I do not remember where I read that about fifteen years ago or more, but in essence, the womb now has a window, and I saw the impact of it just yesterday. I happened to be grabbing a bite to eat and flipped on the telly (my way of keeping our British readers happy). “Good Day Live” was on out of Los Angeles. They were talking about the new three-dimensional imaging abilities that have given us views of the developing child in the womb that are simply beyond words, children smiling and yawning and doing all those human things that “blobs of protoplasm” just don’t do, and that at twelve weeks (most abortions take place around ten weeks). When they came back to the panel, the male host (sorry, I don’t pay attention to names very much in those contexts) blew me away by saying, “I’ve always been pro-choice in my views, but images like that really make you wonder.” And one of the female co-hosts then dropped the bomb, “That doesn’t look like a choice to me, that looks like a child.” She even mentioned she had been reading the Bible lately! I about choked with joy. Abortion is so utterly indefensible in the face of basic facts and human reason, its sycophants must survive by keeping those facts in the darkness. Jimmy Akin had linked to the web version of the story about the imaging technology, but I have not been able to find the source they used that actually had the video I saw on the television. In any case, it was fascinating to see the instant impact of these images upon folks who otherwise are so perfectly attuned to the Hollywood/left wing agenda. Let’s hope more of these images become available so that we can spread them around. Can you imagine the not too distant future? Your baby videos will start with incredibly clear images at twelve weeks development! Amazing.

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