Jamin Hubner has an excellent discussion concerning this amazing quotation from William Lane Craig on the Janet Parshall Show:

Let me first make a point, Chris, that I’ll hope you’ll understand, and that is I don’t try to prove the inerrancy of Scripture to a nonbeliever. I think Scriptural inerrancy is a Christian doctrine that someone comes to believe after becoming a Christian as a part of training in Christian doctrine and discipleship. In order to get someone through the door, through the gate into eternal life, you don’t need to convince them that Scripture is inerrant. All you have to do is convince them that Jesus was who He claimed to be, that he rose from the dead, in authentication of those claims and that therefore you need to place your faith in Him and become a Christ-follower. And what implications that has for your doctrine of Scripture can follow later on. In other words, my strategy of evangelism is to set the bar as low as possible, to put as few hindrances in the path of the unbeliever to getting him to come in faith, to faith in Christ. So I don’t argue about inerrancy with an unbeliever. I just argue that we have historically reliable documents to show things like the empty tomb, the resurrection appearances and transformation in the lives of the disciples, and what that leads to. (Live recording was April 24)

Next, Liberty University has invited Glenn Beck to speak at their graduation. For those unaware of the background, Beck is a Mormon. It seems discernment has been banished from the campus in Lynchburg. To add insult to injury, Ergun Caner tweeted about the invite, “Glenn Beck at the LU Graduation! Love it! And I’m loving the snarking of the haters. LU folk: rejoice when they revile!” So, for Ergun Caner, if you think it is unwise to ask a Mormon to address a Christian university’s graduating class, you are a “hater.” And if folks point out the lack of simple discernment on the part of the leadership, you are “reviling,” just like the enemies of the faith revile…Christians. Could it get any stranger at Liberty? Lane Chaplin tweeted regarding the situation, “Apparently the exchange will go, ‘So you’re a Mormon?’ Beck will respond, ‘Yes.’ Then @ErgunCaner’s site will be amended to include the db8.”

Finally, my overview of 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 from PRBC in the Sunday morning service.

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