I had missed this official statement from Veritas Evangelical Seminary regarding Ergun Caner. It concludes by saying,

Since Dr. Caner’s conversion testimony was validated, he was not charged with any legal, moral, mal-intent, or theological heresy, only “misstatements” (common to all speakers, for which he has apologized), VES will be retaining Dr. Caner as a valued adjunct faculty member and regular speaker at VES conferences. In light of these findings, VES considers Dr. Caner exonerated from all charges.

Exonerated. I guess that’s why he isn’t teaching this fall and isn’t Dean any longer? Words have meanings, and stretching them to the breaking point should be something we leave to the atheists or the cultists, don’t you think?

I was sent a video of a 2006 presentation by Caner at a conference in which he repeats all of his “misstatements,” including some new ones. All mythological, all false. I wonder if VES is going to start changing their material so that Joseph Smith’s statements about, say, the First Vision, are no longer “false” but just “misstatements”? That would at least be consistent. In this video Caner again claims to have come to the US in 1978, but this time he claims to have studied in a madrassa in Beirut. Yes, Beirut. And he says his father brought his wives, plural, with him to America. Uses the term polygamy. And in the context of talking about how dedicated he was to Islam, how fearful he was of the “scales,” he again claims to have rolled out his prayer rug in the bathroom in high school. He likewise talks about wearing the Islamic garb (not just a cap, the entire wardrobe), and how his mother took off her Islamic clothing in the baptistry when he baptized her (though Emir said she had been a hippie for at least 15 years before this). It is a veritable myth-fest, and the folks in the audience really seemed to enjoy it (including at least one current Veritas professor that I could see). There was very little Veritas in Caner’s presentation—perhaps he should teach for Dolus Evangelical Seminary instead?

I am trying to fight off a bug right now, so maybe I will have time to put together a series of clips from the presentation.

And the cover-up goes on…

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