With thanks to those of you who pre-ordered, we are thankful to announce that the NO COMPROMISE wrist bands arrived five days early. If you had been waiting to order yours until you knew they were actually sitting in the back room—well, they are sitting in the back room. And because a few of you noted that we were using the manufacturer’s picture (what else could we use?), I snapped a shot of the real thing so you can see it.

If you missed the announcement of these bands last week, I came up with the idea after watching so many in our post-evangelical age demonstrate that many no longer believe in Paul’s own words, “For the gospel is the power of God unto salvation.” Not “just any old gospel” but THE gospel. To compromise God’s message of grace in Christ Jesus is to show tremendous disrespect to His Triune majesty and to a world in desperate need to hear the truth without diminishment. When you wear this band you are reminding yourself that the world will do everything in its power each and every day to silence you: to get you to compromise, not just on the essentials of the gospel, but in how you live in light of them–how you live consistently as one justified by grace through faith alone. And, of course, you are helping to support A&O.

Quick note: some folks want to “personalize” their bands. Sorry, folks, that doesn’t work. It’s like asking to “personalize” a book by adding or subtracting chapters. These are manufactured elsewhere, so you really can’t “change” things. Might we do something like a “Stand Firm | Hold Fast” type band in a different color? Sure, if Rich and I aren’t left using these as super-duper rubber bands for our annual in-office rubber-band fight, yeah (he’s got a wicked shot). I’d love to. Bright green or orange or something—but that all depends on this first run. I’ve got mine! Do you have yours?

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