For over a year now we have had some wonderful ladies volunteering to scan, proofread and reformat work from the early days of Alpha and Omega Ministries. They have been pouring through a gold mine of tracts and information sheets that covered a wide variety of issues. Many are unaware that in the late 80’s and early 90’s we produced and mailed out a newsletter as well. Last week we announced the republishing of one such item which was our tract The Christian Message which has turned out to be quite a hit. How to reintroduce the tracts was an easy decision and I assure you that there is more where that came from, much more. But the information sheets were a different matter. They go much more into depth than a tract and need a different method of delivery. My first thought was to drop them on the website as posts and I can do that. But I wanted a more direct method of getting these gems to your doorstep and last month our good friend Mike O’Fallon brought an affordable mass mailing company to my attention. I suddenly realized that we could send a wide variety of publications directly to the inbox of folks who were genuinely interested in apologetics and I opened an account.

Many of you have already used the Newsletter Signup form and have been receiving the Dividing Line notices. Starting this coming Wednesday we will begin sending articles out to that mailing list. This will probably be a monthly newsletter because I don’t want to overwhelm anyone. I welcome your feedback on that matter via our Facebook page. If you haven’t signed up yet take a brief moment and click here and put your information in. I promise you, we will not abuse the privilege and if you decide that it isn’t for you it is easy to opt out. (Btw, the opt out actually works).

Please pray that this work of bringing forward these timeless gems will be blessed by the Lord.

Oh, just a little tease, the first Newsletter will be titled “Apologetics: Evangelism in the Secular World.”



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