I hope those who have an interest in the truth regarding the lies of Ergun Caner, and his allies and supporters, have taken the time to archive the videos that are currently available on line, before this happens to them:

This particular video is the very definition of “Fair Use,” as, Lord willing, we will prove, very carefully. In fact, the only way Caner will be able to suppress this information is if he goes to court, and then his lies would become part of the public record, something I truly doubt he will risk, especially in light of his standing before a room full of Marines pretending to be a former jihadi (see below). I’m sure putting the truth into the court record would be the last thing he’d want to have happen. But then again, he has now declared himself innocent as the driven snow, exonerated, etc. and etc. (remember when his supporters were saying he had repented? Yeah, he doesn’t either), so who knows what lengths he will go to to maintain his charade?

We now see Ergun Caner’s dedication to his own myth making. No confession, no repentance, nothing representing any Christian concern about the impact of his falsehoods. It truly makes one wonder if we have been wrong all along in seeking confession, repentance and restoration. Maybe we were being way too generous to be looking for restoration in the first place?

But do not forget that Caner has been enabled to flaunt the truth and engage in his kind of behavior by those at Liberty University that chose to protect themselves rather than speak the truth; by Veritas Seminary that continues to close its eyes to Caner’s egregious lies and errors; by Norman Geisler personally who has chosen to protect Caner; and by every church, television program (John Ankerberg and others) who close their eyes and promote this man and inflict him upon the church and the world. His is the primary responsibility, but he is not alone.

Now once again, note how many of Caner’s lies are presented in these videos, lies that we pointed out, and now that everyone admits were, in fact, lies. Exonerated. Innocent as the driven snow. How many times does he repeat the lie about growing up in Turkey in this video? Misstatements? Of course not. The facts are so obvious…but will he succeed in suppressing these facts?

Having listened to these again, I was shocked at how many lies Caner spouts here. Equally shocking were the simple errors of ignorance and misrepresentation as well. May well need to work through these on the DL as we never specifically played clips from these videos. And remember, these videos are not copyrighted, and hence cannot be removed from public view by dishonest and unscrupulous men. But, be wise: download a copy anyway!

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