I used to use that as a tagline on my old BBS posts (if you know what a BBS is/was, well, you are older than my kids). It was followed by a reference: 

“Behold, I am insignificant; what can I reply to You? I lay my hand on my mouth.” (Job 40:4) 

The context was in reference, back then, to Mormonism. The idea was that in the final analysis, until God granted an “interview” to a member of the LDS Church, they would continue to worship an exalted man instead of the eternal creator of all things. Job had questioned God, and His response was to ask a series of rhetorical questions that all pointed to one simple truth: God is God, man isn’t.

Yesterday morning in #prosapologian a discussion was taking place regarding worldviews. I had posted some material from N.T. Wright (I hope to blog it eventually) and we were talking about how to interact with people in our culture today. At one point I commented: 

The Bible tells us we are indeed to relate to God: but it never mixes up the order: you first know who the true God is; you objectively hear His commands and His truth; you repent of your self-centered sinfulness, and you bow to His right to define reality; THEN you can relate to Him, but only as He defines, not as WE define. 

I then took this back to Job and the “interview” God granted to him. In the final analysis, no matter what the obstacles between ourselves and those to whom we proclaim the gospel, it is God and God alone who must work by His Spirit to bring spiritual life. When God moves in sovereign grace to bring one of His elect unto Himself, He reveals His truth in such a fashion as to lay the groundwork for the building of that Christian worldview in the mind of the redeemed. It may not “come together” all at once, but one thing is for certain: God’s sovereign grace is not constrained or hindered by even the most ungodly and sinful worldview: regeneration gets a person past any false theories about knowledge, since part and parcel of that work involves the revelation of the truth of who Jesus Christ truly is (2 Cor. 4:6, 8:7, Eph. 1:17, 4:13, Phil 1:9, Col. 2:2, etc.). I am very thankful the Spirit accomplishes His purpose perfectly in that matter, for if it were up to us to get folks through all the minute details of competing epistemological theories, well, the task of evangelism in the modern day would be nigh unto hopeless.

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