Yes, that’s me, March, 1981, sitting at the controls of KWAO FM 106.3 in Sun City, Arizona. I worked there in High School and into college, working six to midnight Monday through Friday and noon to six on Saturdays. And though that image is small, you can note that 1) I weighed about 140 lbs and had a 30 inch waist; 2) I had HUGE glasses (we all did); 3) I had HAIR; 4) we played RECORDS (for those who are too young to know, those were large vinyl disks, easily scratched and ruined, a full foot across); from what I can see, Duke Ellington is playing, and Stan Kenton is up next (Sun City is a retirement community, hence, I played Big Band music); 5) and those who know the industry will recognize the stack of carts there in the bottom right. Yes, they used tape in them. Yes, they broke, often; 6) and yes, that is a paper “log” there next to me, rather than the electronic versions they use in radio stations today. My how things have changed! Ironically, I just realized, looking at the date, that this was taken the day before my first date with the young lady who would become my wife! Wow, nostalgia attack.

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