Do not panic! I am really in Rome, Italy. In fact, today I “crossed the Tiber.” That is, I and my wife walked across the Milvian Bridge. The Tiber is…green. Then we visited the Vatican, took the obligatory pictures of the obligatory objects, and then went to visit the Coliseum. Last week we visited Venice as well (the world’s largest outdoor mall, if you have ever been there). Spoke this past weekend in the Rimini area on election and evangelism, and will do so again this weekend in Asti. So far so good…no sickness, however, I do have one thing to report: THERE IS NO PROTEIN IN ITALY. None. OK, there is some at McDonald’s, but that is about it. A no-carb diet would starve the Italian people to death. A major culture shock for me. Anyway, just wanted to take this moment I had to say hello and to ask for your prayers as my wife flies home tomorrow, and I a week from tomorrow.

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