Just a few pictures from my recently completed trek to Oregon. If the setup looks familiar in this picture from the debate with Robert Sungenis on purgatory, it should; this is the same conference at which I debated Dan Barker last year, the famous “Don’t Quote Me, Bro!” debate. I wish I had had the opportunity to hear the debate between Chris Rosebrough and Doug Paggit, but my flight plans took me home at the same time. I’m sure it would have been a hair-pulling experience, however, given Paggit’s wild post-modernism. I look forward to listening to it.

Here is a shot of me sitting next to Chris Rosebrough at dinner at Olive Garden (love their whole wheat pasta!); Ken Cook, who, along with his wife Courtney, do most of the work setting up these conferences and debates, is across the table (he’s the guy who is now 2x my size—or, I’m half the man he is!). We had a very enjoyable and interesting time at dinner that evening on our way to Newberg from the airport in Portland.

Finally, I got to meet Squirrel, aka, Gene Clyatt, from way out in Montana, Grizzly country, as he would say. You may have read Gene’s comments on the Caner situation a few months ago. He has become a regular in our chat channel (in fact, I am in sincere danger of losing the #2 stats spot to him for 2010—what a talker he is!), and he made the road trip over to Oregon for the weekend. It was great to finally meet him!

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