We received a phone call at PRBC this weekend. A woman in northern Utah called, seeking help. Seems someone from a “Reformed Baptist Church in Phoenix” had given some literature to her husband years ago outside the Salt Lake City Temple. She had read these books and wanted to know more about what she had now come to believe was true (we have contacted fellow believers in Utah to follow up in a more personal manner than we can from Arizona). What books had this man been given? Drawn by the Father and God’s Sovereign Grace. Those not familiar with the books should know both are presentations and defenses of Reformed theology, i.e., Calvinism. Drawn is about John 6:35-45, and God’s Sovereign Grace is my friendly presentation of the doctrines of grace (both have been reprinted and are available in our bookstore). Now, many, many folks would find passing out clearly, openly, unashamedly Reformed literature in Salt Lake City at the General Conference of the Mormon Church to be sheer lunacy. But we have known for a long time that the God of Scripture is so far beyond the anthropomorphic “exalted man” of Mormonism that the contrast of divine truth to human error can be used by God to draw His people unto Himself. It is such a joy to not have to worry about shaving off the rough edges of truth so as to mollify the “libertarian will” of man. Christ’s sheep hear His voice. We just need to proclaim His truth with clarity and leave the rest in God’s hands.

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