Greetings from North Carolina. Spoke for Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Rocky Mount this afternoon, and will speak there again tomorrow before doing a video interview Monday morning and then flying back to Phoenix (Deo volente).

Just a note in reference to the series I have just begun regarding Romans 9, “Hebraisms,” and J.P. Holding’s take on election. I was told, and just confirmed, that Mr. Holding has already begun a response to me. At first I couldn’t believe it, and indicated, “that would be very disappointing,” for the simple reason that I haven’t said anything yet. Evidently Mr. Holding is quite impatient. In case he has not noted, I have been doing a response on Islam and Bible transmission for two months now (13 parts thus far). Blogs are meant to be taken in bits, or, at least, this one is. I will be getting to the issue as soon as I get back from this trip. Till then, all offered “replies” are vaporous. Theology is often done quickly today. But quick theology is not always solid theology.

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