Evidently some folks think a quick listing of “random thoughts” upon seeing the Passion movie is a “review.” Please. Take a blog for what it is: a blog. It is amazing to me how folks will look at two paragraphs here and ignore four hours of commentary on the Dividing Line, including the playing of clips, etc., and jump to simply silly conclusions. Earth to evangelicals: be slow to speak, quick to hear. 🙂

Personally, outside of noting the content of a book I’ve ordered from a Roman Catholic publisher regarding the film and its meaning from the Catholic perspective, I’ve had enough of the film talk. Let’s all go see the Gospel of John…if you can find it playing somewhere. Or how about just reading the passion narratives in a parallel fashion and, following that up with Ephesians 5 and Hebrews 7-10. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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