Ack, sorry, I can’t believe I missed yesterday. Well, no apologies. I could have blogged something, but I invested that time in taking my kids to a late lunch. There I informed my son that I’m dedicating my next book to him in celebration of God’s grace in his life in his baptism last summer, and then I told my daughter that I will be dedicating the book after that to her in light of her upcoming baptism (date not yet determined). And you know what, having lunch with my two wonderful kids was just too enjoyable to do anything else.

I’ve hardly had time to get anything done today (e-mail is going to kill me), but I did just happen to scroll down the AR-Talk list and run into the following quotation from a secular scholar.

Like Wise and his colleagues, while the Passantinos call their counter-cult colleagues on the carpet for ‘slandering’ such evangelical luminaries as James Dobson, Robert Schuller, or John Wimber, no such outrage is expended on Jack Chick, Dave Hunt, or James White for their often egregious distortions of Roman Catholicism…(Bearing False Witness? An Introduction to the Christian Counter-cult Douglas E. Cowan (Praeger, 2003), p. 198.

You know, just because someone is an accredited scholar doesn’t mean they have a clue when it comes to the most basic of facts. Isn’t it ironic to see such a ridiculous parallel between my writings and those of Jack Chick and Dave Hunt? I’ve written and asked for documentation. We shall see what kind of response comes back. Sure does make you wonder why you bother to be careful in your study of what others believe when folks like this will say things like this anyway. But then again, the reason to be truthful is you serve He who is the truth anyway. I’ll let Him sort it out in the end. 🙂

Passion News: I’ve seen this a few times now. The interview is found here. Take it for what it is worth.

Jim Caviezel: The catharsis for me to play this role was through Medjugorje, through Gospa. In preparation, I used all that Medjugorje taught me. Mel Gibson and I were going every day for Mass together. Some days I couldn’t go for Mass, but I was receiving the Eucharist. Somewhere along the line, I heard that the Pope was going for confession every day, so I thought that I should go for confession as often as possible. I didn’t want the Lucifer to have any control over the performance. We have sins of commission, but also sons of commission. My sin of omission continuously is that I don’t love enough. So, the confession was the preparation for the Eucharist. Ivan Dragicevic and his wife Lorraine gave me a piece of the true cross. I kept this on me all the time. They made a special pocket in my clothes for it. I also had relics of Padre Pio, St. Anthony of Padoua, Ste Maria Goretti, and saint Denisius, the Patron saint of Actors. Another thing was fasting. I read many of the messages continuously. Every day everyone could see me with the rosary in my hands.

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