Here is a glowing example of “common sense reading of the language” trumps “I’m a scholar and I decree it to be so” on the topic of sola gratia. [click here] If you can read Warfield’s full presentation and say, “Oh, yeah, he was surely affirming that Rome believes in sola gratia” then once again we prove that for some folks language and context just doesn’t have a lot of meaning. One thing is for sure: when I say sola gratia I do not mean what rC’s mean: I mean grace alone, grace at the start, grace to the end, grace in the middle, grace without fail, grace without mixture, grace without addition, grace that allows no boasting, grace that precludes all glorying but in the Lord. But that is not what Rome teaches, and all the twisting and sophistry of rC’s and others cannot change that simple fact.

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