I just read through this thread, and once again, I am simply left speechless. Obviously, what we do in apologetics just isn’t intended for most of these folks. Put on your asbestos gloves prior to clicking this URL, and thanks to the couple of non-Catholics who took the time to say, “Uh, wait a minute, that’s just silly….” BTW, to all the people on that thread: it never, ever, ever crossed my mind that Ray closed down his forum because of me, and only the most extremely bigotted mind could possibly find in my words any indication I was suggesting such a thing. I think I should re-think even inviting “CatholicDude” to call the program, for it seems rather clear, reading through that thread, that nothing would be accomplished by even attempting to speak to him. Sad, once again, very sad. I can only trust that others observe this kind of attitude and go, “Wait, that’s wrong—so why are my fellow Catholics so afraid of this man, and why is it they have to so clearly misrepresent everything he says? Why is there no substance in their replies, but only bravado-filled dismissals?” That is what makes it worthwhile! The Lord has His way of making all things work to the good, as the Word says.

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