Sometime back I had a discussion with Dr. Art Sippo on Luther biographies. It was a written exchange via Patrick Madrid’s Envoy discussion forum. I can’t provide the forum link, because it was deleted. I did though save my posts and analysis of Mr. Sippo’s opinions. Eventually, I was banned from Envoy by Patrick Madrid. In fact, if you’re a Protestant, chances are you’d be banned from Envoy as well. I was banned for posting a link to an aomin article.

Recently on Envoy, Dr. Sippo asked:

Where have the Protestant Pundits gone? It seems that the Protestnat [sic] Pundits just kind of drop in to give a few insults and then run away newver [sic] staying to engage in any frank discussion. Very typical. I hae [sic] made a number of charges about Protestantism that the pundits refuse to refute.

Where have we gone? Why Mr. Sippo, we were banished from Kingdom Envoy. I thought perhaps Sippo had forgotten this, so I dropped him a little e-mail:”Dr. Sippo, We were banned from Envoy… Remember? Perhaps raise this question to Mr. Madrid.” To which I received the response, “Only the REALLY rude ones, Jim. ;-).”

Anyone can read through my posts and see this is entirely untrue. I was banned for posting a link, plain and simple. Sippo appeared to be tickled that I actually wrote him and posted this followup:

I got an e-mail from a Protestnat punpit [sic] who shal [sic] remain namelss [sic] but whose initials are Jimmy Swan. He was all cut up about being banned from this board. Golly! I wrote back to him that this is only done to the REALLY nasty people. I wonder if he got the hint? For those who do not know this fellow, he thinks that Catholics should ignore the general historical consensus that Luther was mentally disturbed and instead accept the position of Fr. Josef Lortz, a german priest in the 1930s who was a CARD CARRYING NAZI and who (among other things) wrote an extended defense of Hitler’s book Mein Kampf in contradiction to the position taken by the German hierarchy. Luther was a great hero to the Nazis for a variety of reasons including his rejection of ‘decandent'[sic] Rome for ‘modern’ German values and his snti-Semitism [sic].

Of course, the above paragraph includes the disclaimer, “Edited by – Patti on 01/29/2010 10:30:39 AM,” so what was actually posted was probably far worse. What irony- Dr. Sippo has repeatedly called me names (including “Nazi”) and hurled abusive language at me, yet I’m the one who is supposedly rude and nasty. Even during my discussion with Dr. Sippo, Patrick Madrid stated:

Art, we’ve been through this so many times now, I don’t know how else to say it. Please drop the invective and ad hominem and just make your case, critique the other guy’s, and move forward with the conversation. All the egregious stuff is just plain unedifying and it has no power to persuade, only provoke.

Ah well, it seems Dr. Sippo is tolerated because he supports Mother Church. Envoy is truly an odd place. They know what they like, and they like what they know. They also don’t have a problem reinventing their own history.

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